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The Principal Support

Where school leaders come to  lead with  impact.

The Principal Support is here to help you transform your leadership.

Create an empowered school culture, increase your productivity and reduce stress – all so you can joyfully lead day to day.

Being a school leader requires you to be at your best and your best needs to be sustainable.

The Principal Support is all about strategies and inspiration to maximize your time and energy so you can focus more on what you love to do. Your job is important and so are you!

I help school leaders make an impact while creating more freedom and joy in work and life.

I’m a school district leader, former principal and teacher, and a devoted mom of 2 girls. I’m a fan of Peloton rides, Taco Tuesday, and relaxing outdoors.

After twenty years in education, I’m obsessed with supporting principals and school leaders, like me, who want to make a bigger impact while preventing burnout. My goal is to create and curate resources for any school leader, and to improve our collective capacity to do good work.

I’m glad you landed here and I look forward to supporting and connecting with you!

~ Jenay

Jenay Enna Principal SOS
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If everyone goes to the principal’s office when they need support, where does the principal go?

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You’re a School Leader For A Reason

Let’s face it, you’re a ROCK STAR!
But if you’re working so hard that you can’t enjoy the job or find balance…

…and you’re sitting there on your third Starbucks hoping you’ll be saved by the bell… 😒

It’s time to… get out of the HUSTLE and into HARMONY.

I help talented school leaders crack the code to finding harmony and balance at work.

The Ultimate To-Do List For Principals
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A complete list of staff appreciation and recognition days every school needs on the calendar!
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