The Principal S.O.S. Bootcamp

Better Leaders Make Better Schools

You’re a dynamic school principal ready for next-level leadership.

You want to feel that the job is manageable and sustainable and you’re ready to take the next step to get there.*

You are savvy, smart, accomplished, a go-getter.

stressed school leader

You’re running a school! And yet you feel:

➡️ Stressed
➡️ Exhausted
➡️ Overwhelmed

It seems like you have to HUSTLE at all costs if you want to stay afloat or (gasp) get ahead!

Do you feel like you have to do it all at your site and then end up feeling like nothing was done well?

Do you spend so much time putting out fires, that you can’t get to the real work of knowing and supporting students and teachers?

At the end of the day, you find yourself thinking, “I can’t do this anymore.”

Imagine if…

  • Your day was organized and managed to maximize productivity and give you time to lead effectively
  • You left work each day feeling satisfied by what you accomplished
  • You knew you were driving results and making a bigger impact for your school because you have the bandwidth to lead (instead of just manage)
  • You didn’t have to bring work home and could dedicate your nights and weekends to your family and yourself
happy school leader

Introducing The Principal S.O.S. Bootcamp

Designed specifically for principals.

It’s time to get out of the Hustle and into Harmony.

This self-led bootcamp is for you if:

You want to finally dial-in your productivity systems and feel satisfied with what you accomplish in a day!

You want to learn how to build more trust with your staff and community, and empower others so you can do less managing and more LEADING!

You’re ready to stop bringing work home every night and weekend and have more time in your personal and family life!

You love learning, but you don’t have time to sit through a class or read another book!

You enjoy a fun, fresh approach to school leadership!

You’re a new principal or new to a site and want to start off right!

You’re ready to take your leadership to the NEXT LEVEL!

“Learning in this way was easy with a busy schedule.  I’m inspired to keep learning and apply the strategies!”

Sandra Lopez

Teacher Leader


In the The Principal S.O.S. Bootcamp

I’ll uncover the secrets of my signature SOS method

and show you exactly how to:

  • Set up Systemic Productivity so you can get out of your inbox and to-do list and get to the work of leadership
  • Improve your relationships with your team and develop a strong Organizational Culture built on trust
  • Build Sustainability Practices that support you to be your best self at school

Hey, I’m Jenay Enna

I help school leaders make an impact while creating more freedom and joy in work and life.

I’m a school leader, and a busy mom of 2 girls. I have been teaching and leading schools for 20 years and now I’m obsessed with supporting other school leaders like me, who want to make a bigger impact while creating more freedom and joy in work and life.

My goal is to create and curate resources for any school leader, and to improve our collective capacity to do good work.

We’re in this together!

Jenay Enna Principal SOS

How will The Principal S.O.S. Bootcamp impact my leadership?


Illuminate your strengths as a leader and set up the basics for your operating system.

Systems for Productivity

You will learn fail-proof strategies to stop working around the clock and get your nights and weekends back.

Organizational Culture

Catapult your leadership to Legendary status. You know? The principal they talk about for years after they’ve left the building.


Become a more confident and energetic leader that is able to get the job done with ease and grace.

What will you get in The Principal S.O.S. Bootcamp?

  • Signature 3 part framework with practical, tangible strategies
  • Video Lessons – watch or listen podcast style on your commute
  • Screen share tutorials for setting up your productivity tools
    Step-by-Step Student Workbook
  • Course roadmap
  • Resource Vault with all the PDFs and plug and play templates
  • Unlimited access to the course content, materials, and future updates and additions
  • Membership inside Principal Support Community Facebook Group
  • Extended Learning opportunities – book recommendations, links to other resources

Bonus: Templates and examples of REAL tools that I actually use as a principal
Bonus: Personalized Letter from me to your Superintendent recognizing your achievement and accomplishment
Bonus: Live Coaching Calls in Private Facebook Group

Get The The Principal S.O.S. Bootcamp Today!

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➭ 17 core lessons with video and written material
➭ Editable templates
➭ Downloadable PDFs
➭ Bonus content added ongoing
➭ Unlimited access (including any additions, revisions, and upgrades!)
➭ Leadership Transformation

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