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Get the Ultimate Principal To-Do List

Having a functional to-do list is everything.

I’ve tried many systems and for years I used a yellow lined tablet that went everywhere with me. It’s where I kept a running list of all the things I had to do. I had tasks listed all over my tablet – in a list (that was often several pages), on stickies, embedded in notes with stars and arrows to help me remember. I was functioning fairly well, believe it or not, but it was kind of a mess and certainly a waste of time.

teacher working on to do list the easy way

Re-writing messy lists, transcribing from notes to the list, trying to remember why I wrote that thing (Was I supposed to email this to someone? Who needs this? Where’s the link I need for this?)

When I was finally ready to make a leap and change my system, I explored multiple tools (most of which cost money) before I landed on a google sheet format.

I tweaked it to be more suitable for school leadership and have been using it and loving it every day since. With this free downloadable template, you’ll be able to customize your look and make it yours. You’ll also get a step-by-step tutorial video if you’re not familiar with google sheets.

All the days calendar for teachers

All The Days Complete School Year Calendar

You know that dreadful feeling you get when you walk into the school building and realize that you’ve forgotten it’s school bus driver appreciation day (or fill in the blank) and you’re totally unprepared?!

Say goodbye to tracking down the important dates to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate school staff and community.

Your complete school year calendar for only $12!

Say hello to All The Days!

Your complete school year calendar

  • School Staff Appreciation & Recognition
  • National Months and Days related to education
  • Diverse cultural holidays and celebrations
  • Historical remembrances
  • Days to coincide with Spirit Days
  • Just-for-fun staff morale boosters

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The Ultimate To-Do List For Principals
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2021-2022 Principal Calendar

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