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Leadership Resources

It’s time to Level-Up your Leadership.

Starting with how you operate!

These tools will make it easy for you to plug and play systems that lead to greater productivity so you can save time for the leadership actions that matter to you most!

Get the Ultimate Principal To-Do List

Having a functional to-do list is everything.

I’ve tried many systems and for years I used a yellow lined tablet that went everywhere with me. It’s where I kept a running list of all the things I had to do. I had tasks listed all over my tablet – in a list (that was often several pages), on stickies, embedded in notes with stars and arrows to help me remember. I was functioning fairly well, believe it or not, but it was kind of a mess and certainly a waste of time.

teacher working on to do list the easy way

Never miss an opportunity to appreciate school staff with this FREE school calendar!!

school staff appreciation calendar optin
school staff appreciation calendar

A Complete Calendar 2022-23 For Only $7!

School Appreciation, Awareness, & Celebration Calendar
Over 20 pages of dates every school leader needs.

The Ultimate To-Do List For Principals
This template has been my number one productivity hack. Get yours now for FREE!
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A complete list of staff appreciation and recognition days every school needs on the calendar!
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